MDH’s Midwife degrees secured

Nov 05, 2015 | Education

The announcement has now been made from the Swedish Higher Education Authority (UKÄ) that MDH’s Midwifery degree is of a high quality and that the degree-awarding powers are thereby secured. – The Midwifery programme is important for MDH, but above all it’s important for the region and for the county councils, which means that today’s news is really very positive, says Vice-Chancellor Karin Röding.

UKÄ has had the task of examining the quality of all higher education courses and study programmes in the country. In April 2014 UKÄ made the assessment that MDH’s Midwifery degree was deficient in quality. Since then the University has made several efforts to guarantee that the programme leading to a Midwifery degree will be of high quality.

Now UKÄ has made the assessment that MDH’s Midwifery degree is of high quality and that the University may retain its powers to award this degree.

– We have now received confirmation that the programme is of high quality, which is always the University’s ambition. It also shows that we can take vigorous action together to improve and raise the quality of our courses and study programmes, which is pleasing, says Karin Röding.