MDH project receives 20 million kronor from Vinnova

Mar 10, 2016 | Research/Cooperation

The project Future Automation Region (FAR) at MDH has been granted a total of 20 million kronor for the period 2016-2019 by Vinnova. That makes the project one out of three that will receive Vinnväxt 2016 money.

– It’s great that MDH’s strong tradition of cooperation with the public and private sectors has induced Vinnova to invest in Future Automation Region. This means that MDH strengthens its position even further when it comes to research on automation, says Paul Pettersson, acting vice-chancellor at MDH.

Vinnova motivates its decision by saying that automation is an obvious area of strength in the Mälardalen region and that it is prioritized in the regional development strategies. Vinnova also points out that FAR has strong backing from the private sector, academia and politics.

The prominent role of the initiative within the strategic innovation program Processindustriell IT och Automation was much appreciated as well, as something that can serve as a model to others. In the motivation, it is mentioned that MDH, as the coordinator for the Vinnväxt initiative Robotdalen, has given proof of its excellent ability to host this kind of project, which is run by a triple helix leadership and has several innovation functions that are not part of the University’s primary mission.