MDH Professor elected “Leading Woman in Science"

Dec 21, 2017 | Research/Cooperation

Anette Sandberg, Professor of Education with specialisation in Preschool at MDH, was recently elected one of AcademiaNet’s ”Leading women in science". AcademiaNet is run by a German foundation which, together with European partners from academia as well as the private sector, nominates and elects women researchers with excellent research within their field.


The purpose of AcademiaNet is to highlight leading women researchers in their field of research to create opportunities for even more women academics to attain leading positions in society. They also wish to reach out to journalists and conference organisers so that they can get in touch with experienced women experts.

To be elected as one of the” Leading women in science” the researcher must first be nominated by one of AcademiaNet’s partners. After this she must make it through the selection criteria, which among other things entails having excellent scholarly qualifications and academic assignments, and that she has held leading positions within her field of research.

Anette was nominated to AcademiaNet by the Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsrådet), which is a Swedish state authority charged with developing and supporting high quality Swedish research.  

- I feel very honoured to have been nominated by the Swedish Research Council and then been selected for AcademiaNet, who present so many fantastic, highly acclaimed and successful women researchers, says Anette Sandberg.

Anette, who has a background as a preschool teacher, has been Professor of Education at MDH, with specialisation in Preschool, since 2010. Anette has been particularly interested in children’s learning through play, but also in children in need of special support, how the preschool environment benefits learning, and the preschool teacher profession. Her opinion is that preschool is an extremely important educational institution which lays the foundation for children’s lifelong learning, and that the preschool teacher plays an important part in this.

- A lot of children’s skills are formed during the first five years of their lives, and therefore it is important that preschool gives the children as good a start as possible. Children’s learning and development in preschool is completely dependent on skilled and well-trained preschool staff, she says.

Apart from conducting research projects, Anette has also been Coordinator of the preschool teacher programme at MDH for many years and has been Research Leader and Director of Research in the Educational Sciences. Moreover, she has published several books within her research domain, where the Swedish Teachers’ Union (Lärarförbundet) chose to give her latest book “Förskollärarkompetens i förändring” (Preschool Teacher Skills in Change), to their student members, since it was considered to be the best one for giving the members a good start in their working lives. The book was written together with Professor Sonja Sheridan and Professor Pia Williams of the University of Gothenburg.