MDH professor, editor-in-chief of successful handbook in the energy area

Aug 28, 2015 | Research/Cooperation

Professor Jinyue Yan at Mälardalen University is the editor-in-chief of recently published Handbook of Clean Energy Systems: a 4 000 page reference book which is anticipated becoming one of the most influenced reference books in the energy areas.


Energy, or precisely, “Clean Energy”, changes and affects not only our current life, but also our near future. The energy crisis in the world can´t be addressed with one unique solution, we must develop a variety of systems and technologies, developing a range of strategies for the clean and sustainable generation of energy, whilst also consider the environmental, social and economic impacts.

The handbook Clean Energy Systems will be the first work to cover the broad topic of clean energy systems to a new comprehensive level.

– We have edited a comprehensive and up-to-date major reference work which brings together information on innovation, research, development and practical applications throughout all areas of clean energy systems and technology, says Jinyue Yan.

Key reference source

It is anticipated that the book will become the key reference source for researchers in academia and industry who are working to develop systems and technologies for clean and sustainable energy.

– This book is edited for readers of energy, practitioners, engineers, and decision makers, as well as university students. The rapidly growing interest in energy research is reflected in the vast number of new courses in this field appearing at universities worldwide. As a handbook it will also be a valuable reference source to support lecturers and advanced students on courses in energy and power generation, renewable energy, environmental science and engineering, energy policy and sustainability.

All articles in the handbook are independent of each other, although they are organized in both logical and scientific manners.

– This makes it possible for readers to select a single article of interest, though reading the whole volume, and even the handbook, will provide the most updated and thorough knowledge and practices.  

Several hundred authors

Due to the broad topics covered in the handbook, this project has involved several hundred authors, scientists, engineers, and executives, organized by the volume editors. Since the project began in 2012, the team has been working hard to coordinate nearly two hundred different articles, contributed by outstanding authors from all over the world. 

– Editing this book has been most creatively rewarding and exciting. I have indeed enjoyed the process though I have to admit it has been a challenge to work according to schedule while communicating with busy authors, Skype and telephone meetings with our publishers. I would like to in particular thank our publisher, Sarah Higginbotham for initiating this project and her effective coordination among the editors and authors, says Jinyue Yan. 

Research profile Future Energy

Dr. Yan is professor of Energy Engineering at Mälardalen University and director of Future Energy – a research profile in energy sciences.

This research profile is to develop renewable energy systems in cooperation with five companies. Altogether the Knowledge Foundation, MDH and the companies are investing 83 million SEK in this research environment that includes over 50 researchers.

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