MDH-Professor Recognized as World-class Contributor to International Business Research

Mar 24, 2016 | Research/Cooperation

Ulf Andersson, professor of Business Studies at the School of Business, Society and Engineering at Mälardalen University, has been inducted into the Academy of International Business (AIB) Fellows.
– Qualifying as a Fellow is a compelling recognition of the contributions to research I’ve done and a sign of academic excellence.

– To be inducted into the AIB-Fellows is to be recognized for the contributions made within my field of research, international business. There are only six Fellows from the Nordic countries within this select group and it is probably ‘a bigger deal’ than I’ve yet to understand, says Ulf Andersson.

3 500 members

Academy of International Business is the largest academic organization within the field of International Business and was established already 1959. Today the organization has around 3500 members and under 3 percent of the members are inaugurated as Fellows. The honor is presented to a scholar that has made outstanding contributions to the scholarly development of the field of international business.

A scholar is inducted into the AIB-Fellows after being nominated by an independent member of the Fellows which is also seconded by another, from the inducted scholar, impartial member of the Fellows. A qualified majority of the voting Fellows must then vote in favor of the nominated scholar for the scholar becoming elected into the Fellows.

– It is the cream of the crop scholars within International Business Research that elects you into this select group.