MDH appeals against the verdict from Västmanland District Court

Jul 04, 2016 | Education Global

MDH has now lodged an appeal against the verdict from the Västmanland District Court concerning the international student who has sued the University.

The announcement came from the District Court on 14 June regarding the fee-paying international student who was dissatisfied with the quality of the degree programme. The District Court considered that MDH had entered into a mutually binding civil agreement with the student, in which the University had failed to fulfil its part. The University was thereby obliged to refund the entire tuition fee to the student.

The reason why MDH has chosen to take the matter further is that MDH, in consultation with other universities and university colleges, considers that it is important for the entire sector to seek clarification concerning whether the relationship between fee-paying students and Swedish HEIs (higher education institutions) is governed by civil or public law and whether an evaluation from the supervisory body, the Swedish Higher Education Authority (UKÄ), can form the basis of a claim for damages.

There are also inaccuracies in the verdict, which the  University  wishes to clarify. In the verdict, the Västmanland District Court has incorrectly stated that MDH is run as a foundation. On the basis of this the Court has then drawn the incorrect conclusion that there has been a great risk that the international student would not be able to obtain a degree. No such risk has ever existed since MDH is a State HEI.

The degree programme in question in this verdict leads to a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics, which was given the assessment of deficient quality by the UKÄ in 2013. Those responsible for the degrees given this assessment are allowed one year in which to remedy the deficiencies. The Bachelor's degree in Mathematics that was criticised was, after the UKÄ did a new evaluation in the spring of 2015, awarded the assessment of high quality.