MDH and Eskilstuna Municipality sign new Campus Eskilstuna agreement

Feb 02, 2015 | On campus

In 2018, the new Campus Eskilstuna will open: a modern, 18,000-square-metre university building for 4,000 students and 300 employees to study and work in. Mälardalen University (MDH) and Eskilstuna Municipality have now signed a final agreement regarding the new campus.

MDH in Eskilstuna is currently housed in several centrally located industrial premises from the 19th century. In order to create a more flexible and modern campus where all activities are gathered in one place, MDH and Eskilstuna Municipality are building a new campus in the city centre. The new Campus Eskilstuna is expected to stand ready in 2018.

The new campus will be built where the sports hall and the aqualand are located today. The old part of the pool complex will be saved and adapted to the University’s requirements.

Through the new agreement that has now been signed by Jimmy Jansson, Chair of the Municipal Executive Board, Pär Eriksson, City Manager, and Karin Röding, Vice-Chancellor of MDH, the two parties have come one step closer to their goal of creating a new campus.

A university is an organization under constant development. New research projects are initiated and study programs change, which requires flexible premises and modern infrastructure.

– Gathering all the University’s in one place promotes closeness and creates more interfaces between research and education, which is something that both students and employees are asking for. The new premises will be flexible and can be adapted as our operations need to develop, says Karin Röding, Vice-Chancellor at MDH.


The agreement in brief

  • MDH will sign a rental agreement, extending over ten years, with the lessor winning the procurement process.
  • If, for some reason, MDH is unable to extend the rental agreement after ten years, the Municipality will take over the rental agreement for years 11-20.
  • Previous tenants in the buildings concerned must have moved out and any activities run by the Municipality must have ceased, by the time of the surrender of the leasehold and the transfer of the buildings.
  • The purchase price of 6 million kronor for the buildings is based on the reported value deriving from the future use of the buildings. Demolition, listed-building status, and environmental studies have all been taken into account.
  • The Municipality is responsible for preparing a local development plan.