MDH has submitted its response regarding the refunding of study fees

Jul 31, 2015 | Global

In the spring, the issue of the international MDH student asking for a refund of her study fees, because she thinks the education was of insufficient quality, became topical once again. In March, the student, via Centrum för rättvisa (Centre for Justice), filed formal charges against MDH with the district court of Västmanland. MDH has now submitted its response.

The ordinance regulating study fees does not specify any conditions under which study fees can or need to be refunded, and MDH does not think that the arguments provided by the student constitute reasons for a refund either. The case has thus come to be considered as one of general interest to the sector: what rules apply when a fee-paying student is dissatisfied with the quality of the studies?

As MDH has now submitted its formal response, the case is handled by MDH’s lawyer Hanna Pontén Brattgård.

– It is important for the country’s seats of learning to know how such issues are to be dealt with, in order to ensure the equal treatment of all international students and to avoid legal insecurity. Obviously, MDH wishes for clarity in this matter, just as much as the student and Centrum för rättvisa, says lawyer Hanna Pontén Brattgård.

Frequently asked questions regarding the refunding of study fees. (pdf 91 kB)