MDH research can speed up the development of autonomous vehicles

Sep 12, 2018 | Research/Cooperation

Gabriel Campeanu, who recently defended his doctoral thesis in Computer Science, has come up with an improvement to an existing method to facilitate the development of embedded systems, that is, the computer systems that control the technology around us. With the newly developed means, modern applications such as autonomous vehicles, can have a speed up regarding their development and performance.

Gabriel Campeanu.

– Autonomous vehicles and other modern applications include multiple computer systems that interact with the environment and each other. One of the challenges of these systems is being able to handle the huge amount of data received from the system sensors, such as cameras. One way to tackle this challenge is to use computer systems that are equipped with specialized hardware such as Graphics Processing Units (GPUs). The purpose of my research is to facilitate the development of software used by these modern computer systems, says Gabriel Campeanu.

In his research, he has focused on Component-Based Development, which is a method of developing software applications. In his PhD dissertation, “GPU Support for Component-Based Development of Embedded Systems”, he introduces new mechanisms to be used in the context of Component-Based Development, to facilitate software development for modern embedded systems equipped with GPUs. A good example of a modern embedded system is an autonomous vehicle that, via its camera sensors, captures the surrounding environment in order to detect various objects or people, to avoid accidents. Using the proposed mechanisms, Component-based development offers faster development of such autonomous systems, increasing also their performance.

– As my research facilitates software development in modern applications like autonomous vehicles, companies that develop these products can benefit from my research. By implementing the concepts that I propose, the continued development of autonomous vehicles, for example, can go faster and the resulting system may have a better performance, says Gabriel Campeanu.