MDH researcher Kimmo Eriksson popular on Kunskapskanalen

Jan 26, 2011 | Research/Cooperation

Vetenskaprådet (The Swedish Research Council) regularly arranges seminars within the humanities and social sciences every three months. These seminars are broadcast on TV, in the series UR Samtiden, where they constitute a very popular feature. Each show is said to be watched by an estimated 20-25,000 viewers on Kunskapskanalen, to which should be added re-runs and other media.

One of the organizers, head of department Helene Bornholm at Vetenskaprådet, says that the one lecture to be broadcast most often within UR Samtiden was given in March 2010, by a researcher at Mälardalen University: Kimmo Eriksson, professor in mathematics. His talk was concerned with how mathematics can help us to describe and understand cyclic phenomena both in nature and in culture.