MDH researchers on one of the top five positions at a prestigious conference

Sep 27, 2013 | Research/Cooperation

Joakim Netz, an MDH researcher in Industrial Economy and Organisation, has been chosen as one out of five finalists in one of the world’s highest ranking conferences which is arranged by the organisation Strategic Management Society. This year, the conference is held in Atlanta. A total of 1670 contributions have been submitted to the conference.

Joakim Netz competes with the conference paper ”Paradoxical Contexts and Capability Reconfigurations: Explaining Change in Stable Patterns of Strategic Renewal” which shows how complex forces develop when companies face both rapid technology changes and crisis-related world changes – so-called paradoxical contexts.

What is the reason, do you think, that you have reached the finals?

− This year several very well-known scholarly journals have published articles by writers who highlight paradox theory in relation to changes in organisations and society at large. Since 2010, paradox has been discussed in many publications, but there has been a scarcity of empirical studies and a lack of testable theory. Perhaps this is the background against which my study is interesting for the most prominent researchers in the area of strategic processes in companies and other organisations.

 How are the finals organised?

− The contributions of the five finalists will be assessed by a jury. The winner will be announced on Sunday, 29 September, in connection with the annual meeting of the SMS organisation for strategy process research. I will travel to Atlanta and attend the entire conference to learn more about my other research interests and present my contribution to this field of research.