MDH researcher paves the way for future vehicle systems

Dec 19, 2017 | Research/Cooperation

Developments in the vehicle industry have led to increased complexity in vehicle systems, since they have to be able to perform increasingly more tasks. MDH researcher Matthias Becker has been taking a closer look into how vehicle systems can be developed to be able to meet the demands of increased functionality.


- In today’s vehicles that are on the market there are several different computers for getting all the vehicle applications, such as airbags and GPS, to work. What I’ve been looking at is what to do to reduce the number of computers steering all the car’s applications, says Matthias Becker, doctoral student in the research domain of embedded systems, at MDH.

In his doctoral thesis “Consolidating Automotive Real-Time Applications on Many-


Core Platforms”, he has focused on vehicle applications in real-time systems, a computer system that performs various tasks within a certain time interval. In today’s vehicle systems over 100 computers are used to be able to steer all the applications in a vehicle. The purpose of Matthias Becker’s research is to produce computers that are more powerful, so that their number in a vehicle can be reduced. In his thesis, methods are presented to show how fewer computers can steer all the applications in a car, which according to Matthias Becker is the basis for developing the vehicles of the future.

- Above all this applies to self-driving vehicles, which require more complex vehicle systems to be able to perform several tasks. Fewer computers steering the vehicle applications also means that the computers take up less space in a vehicle and that the vehicle will be cheaper to produce.

On 19 December Matthias Becker will be defending his doctoral thesis in Computer Science and Engineering, at 09:00 in room Kappa, at MDH in Västerås.

- After that I will be moving on to KTH, the Royal Institute of Technology, where I have obtained a post-doc position. I will be continuing within the research domain of embedded systems with a focus on vehicle applications.