MDH to contribute with research in an international project in Embedded Systems

Oct 23, 2012 | Research/Cooperation

Mälardalen University (MDH) is participating in the European research project MBAT, Combined Model-based Analysis and Testing. The project will reinforce the transport sector by producing new and more efficient technologies for embedded systems.

The purpose of MBAT is to produce a cost-effective production of high quality and secure embedded systems for the transport sector. The project will reinforce MDH’s research in the validation and verification of embedded systems and is to be carried out in co-production with 37 cooperation partners in the transport sector from the whole of Europe.

- We are researching primarily into new technologies and tools for efficient and cost-reducing verification of embedded systems, says Cristina Secelanu, Senior Lecturer in Embedded Systems and Project Manager of MBAT at MDH.

Digital control systems are a fundamental part of modern transport systems. They are necessary to be able to offer various advanced functions for safety and user-friendliness. Since defects in these systems can easily cause serious damage to passengers and to the environment, particularly high demands are placed on correct and reliable functioning.

- In the project we use mathematical methods and principles along with model-based test procedures which complement one another in a good way. We will be developing a new platform in MBAT which will be very valuable to European industry and future projects, says Paul Pettersson, Professor of Embedded Systems at MDH and one of the initiators of the project.

The three-year project is funded by ARTEMIS JU and Vinnova. The 38 parties involved in MBAT come from Denmark, France, Italy, Great Britain, Germany, Sweden and Austria.