MDH organizes Europe's largest conference in computer safety

Sep 14, 2018 | Research/Cooperation Global

SAFECOMP is the name of Europe's largest conference in critical computer applications, focusing on safety, reliability and security. MDH, has been entrusted by the EWICS (European Workshop on Industrial Computer Systems), to organize the 37th edition of SAFECOMP, which will be held in Sweden for the first time, in 2018.


Irfan Sljivo och Barbara Gallina.

– All technology in society is controlled by computer systems that contain software.
This conference focuses on software that belongs to safety-critical computer systems, which can be found in trains, aircraft and autonomous vehicles. The purpose of the conference is to gather professionals in the software development area, both from the academia and industry, to exchange experiences, says Barbara Gallina, Associate Professor in Dependable Software Engineering at MDH and General Chair and Program Co-Chair for the Conference.

On September 18th, more than 150 researchers, software developers and representatives from various research institutes, from all over the world (more than 20 countries), gather at Aros Congress Center in Västerås. For four days, participants will find out about the latest research results and discuss the challenges facing software development in terms of safety, reliability and security. This includes how to reduce the risk of software in a product in order to avoid or mitigate accidents in its environment, as well as reducing the risk of software being exposed to dependability threats, such as cyber-attacks.

The conference is preceded by a workshops-day with five different workshops, including two new ones targeting important safety-related challenges in artificial intelligence (WAISE) and in security in autonomous computer systems (STRIVE).

During the conference, keynotes are given by relevant researchers and specialists in the field such as Robyn Lutz, Uma Ferrell and Richard Hedenberg. The conference also includes a specific session, for giving the opportunity to new ideas and work in progress to bloom in a fertile soil, and a panel session, focusing on stimulating an interactive discussion with the audience around the challenges and opportunities regarding reuse in certification. 

– This conference is an opportunity for MDH to increase the visibility of the research conducted at the university, and also for our researchers to exchange ideas and results with others in this area. The local organizing committee, for instance, headed by Irfan Sljivo, about to defend his PhD in a few weeks, is composed of researchers all working in engineering safety-related solutions, within the Certifiable Evidences & Justification Engineering group, at MDH. Through the conference, we want to give researchers, representatives from different research institutes, and industrial actors the opportunity to meet, share the state of practice and state of the art advances in the areas of safety, security and reliability of critical computer applications, says Barbara Gallina.


For more information, please contact:

Barbara Gallina, Associate Professor in Dependable Software Engineering at MDH and General Chair for the Conference.

073-960 72 23