MDH signs Magna Charta

Sep 21, 2015 | Research/Cooperation

The so-called Magna Charta Universitatum was drafted when the university in Bologna celebrated its 900th anniversary in 1988. It is considered the bill of rights of European universities. This spring, the application by Mälardalen University (MDH) to become a signatory of Magna Charta was accepted, and Vice-Chancellor Karin Röding recently signed the document at a solemn ceremony in Bologna itself.


On 17-18 September, the annual Magna Charta conference, with a focus on universities’ global challenges, took place. A delegation from MDH, consisting of Vice-Chancellor Karin Röding, Pro-Dean Anna Söderlund and the Chair of the Student Union Elvira Jansson, participated at the conference and the signing ceremony that concluded it.

– Simply put, Magna Charta builds on the basic idea that higher education institutions should be a distinct and autonomous part of society, while having a big responsibility for the next generation when it comes to education and learning. Magna Charta emphasizes the importance of not separating research and education. It is a pleasure for MDH to be accepted as a signatory of the important academic document and foundation for democracy that is Magna Charta, says Karin Röding.

More than 800 seats of learning from more than 80 countries have signed Magna Charta.