Magna Charta – a democratic foundation for Europe’s HEIs

Dec 10, 2014 | Education

At their meeting on 1 December the University Board discussed several important questions concerning MDH. The new Eskilstuna campus, A Strong MDH, the new Research and Education Strategy and the Magna Charta are a few examples.

The Board gave me, in my capacity as Vice-Chancellor, the task of applying to become a signatory of the Magna Charta, an important democratic foundation. Whether MDH becomes a signatory or not, my hope is that MDH’s next Research and Education Strategy (FUS) should rest on Magna Charta’s values.

Read more on the Vice-Chancellor’s blog: (in Swedish)

Read more about the Magna Charta:

Collation of activity plans

This week I have begun collating the activity plans for 2015 with the Schools, the Administration and the Library – important documents which a lot of people just now are sitting and working with. The activity plans are produced annually and describe how our activities are to be conducted to attain MDH’s vision, goals and strategy.