Jonas Stier new professor of sociology

Feb 28, 2012 | Research/Cooperation

Jonas Stier has been promoted to professor of sociology, specializing in the social psychology of crossing boundaries and creating identity.

Jonas Stier has recently been promoted to professor of sociology. He has carried our research within social psychology, with a focus on identity creation, boundary crossing, culture and learning. Jonas is also involved in university-wide issues and participates actively in debates, not least concerning matters of quality.

- It’s just great to have been promoted to professor. There were also some nice assessments from the external experts, which is particularly pleasing, says Jonas Stier.

One of the areas in which Jonas has carried out research is intercultural communication.

- The most common – and most dangerous – mistake we make in connection with intercultural communication is that we primarily focus on differences rather than similarities. We also take it for granted that there will always be problems, that intercultural encounters are always problematic, says Jonas.

- It is also common that we feel pity for those with another cultural background, as if it were always the best thing to be a Swede in Sweden. We also have a tendency to simply assume that others are marked by their culture, but that we aren’t ourselves.

Jonas completed his undergraduate studies at what was then Växjö University College and at the University of Ottawa in Canada. In 1998, Jonas got his doctoral degree in sociology at the University of Gothenburg, and today he is living in Västerås with his wife and two children. Since 2010, Jonas is on leave from Mälardalen University and working instead as a guest professor of social psychology at the University of Skövde.

As a professor, Jonas will continue his research within social psychology.

- I have just completed a pilot project for the Västmanland County Council, where we investigated the interaction between patients who often see themselves as wrongly treated, who think they know better than the authorities, and those authorities. We’re currently applying for money for a follow-up project, Jonas says.