MDH student appointed as a Global Swede

May 18, 2016 | Education Student Global

MDH student Branko Granula moved to Västerås from Bosnia and Herzegovina to study the Master’s programme in Software Engineering. Now he has been appointed as a Global Swede by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation and the Swedish Institute. As a Global Swede Branko will act as an ambassador for Sweden, Mälardalen University and higher education in his home country.

Congratulations! What does this mean for you?

Thank you! It is an honor to be nominated for such a recognition. I understand that the Global Swede nomination is a great recognition and for an international student who has been at MDH for less than a year, I understand it is hard to be recognized as a suitable candidate in such a short time. I believe that I owe great deal of thanks to the International committee at MDH and the Coordinators' Team for the Erasmus Mundus EUROWEB+ project, which is part of why I came to study at MDH.

Who is Branko Granula? Tell us a little bit about yourself.  

I come from Banja Luka, a city in the Bosnia and Herzegovina, where I finished my Bachelor studies in Computer Science. At MDH I am enrolled in Master's Programme in Software Engineering. At this moment, I have been in Sweden for a little more than nine months, and for this time I have been living in Västerås.

What do you think about your education?

I am satisfied with the education path I have chosen for myself. Most importantly, I have been studying the field that interests me and that I am passionate about. In addition to that, Computer Science and Software Engineering are fields that are constantly developing and progressing so there are a lot of opportunities to broaden your knowledge. And from a more practical standpoint, these fields offer a lot of employment opportunities with very interesting positions.

What are your plans for the future?

I am still in the plan making phase. I have not decided if I want to find an interesting job in my field or if I will continue with my studies. However, my first goal is to finish my Master's studies.