Dutch university good example of how internal co-production can be promoted

Nov 06, 2015 | Student On campus

On Wednesday 4 November the steering committee for the Eskilstuna campus, reinforced by union representatives, the Chief Safety Officer, the Director of Human Resources and the Director of Campus Affairs, among others, went on a study visit to the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.

The Dutch university has recently moved into a new campus based on activity-based learning and work methods. The MDH delegation met after the meeting and all the 15 members were asked to summarise their impressions in one word, and these included: future, cooperation, meetings, interior design, creativity and the view.

In her blog Vice-Chancellor Karin Röding writes, among other things:

”Our guide, who was both a teacher and international coordinator, had been sceptical of this method of working from the beginning, particularly because she had misgivings about distracting noise; however, within a short time she had seen the advantages, for example that contact within and between different groups was easier. Internal co-production was made considerably easier!”

”It feels good that this expanded steering committee and the union representatives now have a joint experience of this positive Dutch example.”

Read the whole blog article (in Swedish)

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