The architectural firms that compete for the commission to design the new Eskilstuna campus

Dec 20, 2013 | On campus

One part of the creation of the new Eskilstuna campus is a contest that will determine what architectural firm will design and plan the new campus area. The objective is for the new Mälardalen University (MDH) building to contribute in a positive way to the city centre and constitute a space for development and cooperation. MDH has now, in cooperation with the municipality of Eskilstuna, chosen the architectural firms that will progress to the next stage of the contest.

The new campus area by Vattenpalatset and the sports stadium is a joint effort by MDH and the municipality of Eskilstuna. The university and the municipality arrange the architectural contest jointly, and have formulated the criteria for the contest together. 50 architectural firms have sent letters of interest in the fall. Out of those, six offices have been chosen:

– These six architectural firms have previous experience of developing university environments and their reference projects include good solutions for complex urban projects. All the chosen architectural firms have proven that they have an innovative and exciting language of design that matches the profile of MDH. They also fulfill our rigorous demands for function, flexibility, and sustainability, says Elin S. Olander, Director of Campus Affairs at MDH.

The competing architectural firms will now develop proposals which outline what the new Eskilstuna campus will look like. In May-June a jury will evaluate the proposals in terms of design, functionality and practicability, and choose the winning proposal which will then be developed in more detailed documents and drawings for the building project.

The aim is for the new campus area to visualise MDH as an open and modern educational environment. Since the location in question is in the centre of Eskilstuna, it is also important for the new building to be designed in such a way that it contributes in a positive way to the city centre.

The six competing architectural firms will submit their proposals in May. The new Eskilstuna campus is planned for completion in 2018.