He has been searching for cleaner and greener ways to produce energy

Dec 10, 2012 | Research/Cooperation

Han Song is about to defend his doctoral thesis in energy and environmental engineering at Mälardalen University. His research is about finding good strategies to produce more energy in a cleaner and greener way.

­- Everyone is using energy everyday and everywhere, for example driving cars using gasoline and putting on the lights using electrical power. Our research is about finding good strategies to produce more energy in a cleaner and greener way, so we can contribute to a more sustainable society, says Han Song. 

Han Song’s thesis includes studies on energy systems from municipal waste, potential for a fossil fuel-independent regional energy system with increased renewable energy products using waste as one of energy sources and the performance of biomass-fired combined heat and power plants.

- My research is a contribution to the replacement of commonly-used fossil fuels so as to mitigate the carbon emission and help fight climate change over the globe, says Han Song. 

During his doctoral studies, Han Song has had great help from his colleagues and industry partners.

- First, you need to discuss with your supervisors on what you want to do in your coming years of study. Then you need to find external resources to help you, for example technical engineers in industry and scientist in other fields, says Han Song.

Now that Han Song is about to finish his doctoral studies he is looking into what to do next.

- I am now looking for an academic position in the Nordic areas or in China. Or maybe I will start my career in environmental protection technologies as an engineer. Either way I will enjoy working with energy or related fields no matter what type of position, says Han Song.