Visiting professor hoping for new research collaborations in healthcare engineering

Mar 02, 2018 | Research/Cooperation Student

Christian Pichot is a prominent researcher in microwave imaging, and during 2018 he will be a visiting professor in Embedded Sensor Systems for Health at MDH. During the year his focus will predominantly lie on research.


Christian Pichot.

– I would like to develop new research projects with the researchers at MDH and use my international network to start new cooperation projects, says Christian Pichot, who is a professor and researcher in microwave imaging at the University of Côte d’Azur, CNRS in Nice. 

Christian Pichot has been researching in the microwave imaging field since the 1980s, and his main focus concerns the uses of microwave imaging for medical applications, an area of research that exists at MDH as well. Microwave imaging involves the use of microwaves instead of X-rays or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to be able to see inside the human body. The researchers at MDH have been focusing on how microwave imaging can be used to detect both breast cancer and stroke, which is something that lies close to Christian Pichot’s research.

– My research is primarily about how we can use microwaves to be able to see changes in the brain and thereby to detect stroke at an early stage, and also to distinguish what type of stroke it is. The advantage of using microwaves rather than X-rays or MRI is that people avoid being exposed to ionising radiation, the images are clearer and the equipment is cheaper, says Christian Pichot. 

During his year as visiting professor at MDH Christian Pichot will be working close to MDH’s researchers to develop a system which makes it possible to see straight away what effect the treatment of a stroke patient has, which is not possible with X-rays or MRI.  He will also be arranging the International Conference on Antenna Measurements & Applications (2018 IEEE CAMA) in Västerås, as well as giving lectures for students and doctoral students.