Four new years: ”The Social Contract, a win-win concept”

Mar 12, 2018 | Research/Cooperation Education Global

Through the Social Contract, Eskilstuna Municipality, the City of Västerås, Sörmland County Council, Region Västmanland and MDH are engaged in close collaboration in research and development. Last Thursday, 8 March, the Board signed on for a further four-year period. - It feels fantastically good for us to be entering into a further four years of cooperation with precisely these four parties, who are our absolutely most important collaboration partners within the public sector, says Paul Pettersson, Vice-Chancellor of MDH.


- I believe that the Social Contract is a win-win concept. We contribute to the development of the University and this strengthens Västerås. It’s extremely important for us in the City of Västerås to be a part of the Social Contract, says Bo Dahllöf, City Chief Executive of the City of Västerås.

The Social Contract was formed in 2009, then as a collaboration agreement between MDH, Eskilstuna Municipality and the City of Västerås. In 2014 the County Council of Sörmland and Region Västmanland also joined.

- It’s very heartwarming for the County Council of Sörmland to be a part of this and to be able to contribute to our own development together with MDH and the other parties, says Petri Olivius, Head of Research and Development at the County Council of Sörmland.

The new period of agreement stretches over the period 2018-2021, and the four objectives on which the Board have agreed are:

  • Raise the level of skills in the region.
  • Strengthen research and education at MDH.
  • Develop activities and employees within the public sector.
  • Create good relations in collaboration between the University and players in the public sector. 

- There is a strong political foundation for the Social Contract and this is important. Together we’re investing 64 million SEK, and with this we’re showing our good will. I feel proud to be Chair of the Board of the Social Contract, says Pär Eriksson, Municipal Chief Executive of Eskilstuna Municipality.

Region Västmanland was unable to be present at the signing.