Successful research in the spirit of Alva Myrdal

Dec 09, 2010 | Research/Cooperation

For one and a half years, Gisela Mohr, professor in work and organizational psychology at the University of Leipzig, has held the distinguished position of Visiting Professor in Honour of Alva Myrdal at Mälardalen University. On Friday, 10 December, she will speak to representatives from Eskilstuna Municipality about her research and her impressions.

The Alva Myrdal Professorship, financed thanks to a cooperation agreement between Eskilstuna Municipality and Mälardalen University, is open to internationally renowned researchers in fields related to the work and achievements of Alva Myrdal, a researcher, politician and public debater – and a well-known personality from Eskilstuna.

- I had known about Alva Myrdal before I got this professorship and had even quoted her in one of my books about women’s working situation, says Gisela Mohr, who has been able to focus wholeheartedly on research in the spirit of Alva Myrdal for a little more than a year now.

Working conditions, unemployment, gender issues, and leadership are topics of immediate concern to Gisela. A large-scale research project, which was recently granted EU funding, aims at investigating the connection between an executive’s behaviour and the health of employees.

- It’s a joint project between Sweden, Germany and Finland, where executives from the different countries will participate in a development programme on health-promoting leadership, Gisela Mohr explains, adding that the project has already generated an exchange programme for students who want to learn more about health promotion in any of the three countries.

- After having had this fantastic opportunity as a visiting professor, it feels great to be able to give something back to the students and also, with the help of the development programme we’re offering to the executives, to Eskilstuna Municipality, Gisela Mohr declares.