The success among IDT students continues

Sep 20, 2011 | Student

Following the excellent achievements of students at the School of Innovation, Design and Engineering (IDT) in Design Open, SCORE and Robot-SM competitions in the previous academic year, the great student achievements continue.

Two student projects from IDT have been nominated for Swedish Embedded Award 2011 prize, a competition to create the year's three best newly developed intelligent embedded systems in Sweden. The total number of nominated student project from all Sweden is 6, and 2 of them are from IDT.

The nominated students are Athar Ahmed, from Master program in Intelligent Embedded Systems, with his project "eBoll", and the students Kent Malmlöf and Johan Hedberg, from Civing. in Computer Engineering and Electronics, with the project "Independent Signal Logger".

Congratulations to Athar, Kent and Johan, as well as their teachers!

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