Questions from the workshops about new campus Eskilstuna

Sep 23, 2015 | On campus

In August, architect and researcher Christina Bodin Danielsson had been invited to give lectures to employees at the Schools, the Library and the Administration, about different types of office environments. After each lecture, workshops in smaller groups were organized, and the questions and viewpoints emerging from them have been compiled and handed over to the steering committee.The workhops were held in Swedish.

Many of the questions are concrete and are mostly about activity-based work places. Some examples:

  • Where is one’s personal library to be kept?
  • How to behave in connection with phone calls in an open office environment?
  • Are students to be given free access to the employees’ working spaces?

The steering committee will consider and answer these questions as the project progresses. At the moment, a new landlord is being procured and information gathered from other organizations that have refurbished their premises or moved to new ones. This gathering of information is mostly done through lectures and field trips. Later this autumn, the Vice-Chancellor will take a decision regarding the overall form and nature of the new premises.

In the material submitted, there are also questions regarding the purpose of the new Campus Eskilstuna and about employees’ and students’ participation in the project.

Read the answers to the overall questions