MDH strengthens the Swedish production and manufacturing industry

Sep 11, 2012 | Research/Cooperation

Researchers at Mälardalen University (MDH) have developed new methods which will allow companies to reduce emissions and cut energy usage. This will make Swedish companies more competitive. A new research center aimed at strengthening the Swedish manufacturing industry has also been established at MDH.

– Within the research project Green Production Systems we have developed a simple environment-improving tool which makes it possible to reduce emissions and cut energy usage, says Monica Bellgran, the initiator of the project and Professor of Product Development at Mälardalen University.

The background for the start-up of the project in 2009 was a desire to broaden engagement and create enabling conditions for the entire organisation to take action to improve the environment. The goal of the project has been to develop environment-friendly production systems, for instance through reduced emissions and decreased energy usage, as competitive strategies for the Swedish automotive and manufacturing industries.

Vinnova has funded Green Production Systems with 2.7 million SEK through the strategic program for automotive research and innovation FFI – Hållbar Produktion. The partner companies All-Emballage, Haldex AB, Saab Automobile, Volvo Construction Equipment and Volvo Technology contribute funding of almost 4 million SEK.

On September 6, one of the most tangible parts of the project was released: a handbook for improving the environment – Green Production Map. On the same date, the new MDH research center Innofacture, also aimed at strengthening the industry, was initiated. The purpose of Innofacture is to develop and improve production systems, suggest better modes of operation, and strengthen companies through peak competence within the area of production.

– The research center will provide the Swedish manufacturing industry with developed and enhanced production systems, better modes of operation and coworkers with peak competence within the area of production. This will benefit both the region and our world-leading manufacturing industries, says Mats Jackson, Professor of Innovative Production and Project Manager of Innofacture at MDH.

The research center Innofacture collaborates with the manufacturing companies ABB, Atlas Copco, Bombardier, DeLaval, Eskilstuna Elektronik Partner, Fuji Autotech, Leax, Scania, TPC Components, Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) and Volvo Powertrain. Fifteen graduate students will be tied to the research center over the next six years. The budget of the project comprises 74 million SEK, out of which the companies have contributed 34 million SEK and The Knowledge Foundation has contributed 27 million SEK. The remaining funds have been contributed by MDH.