MDH research to be used in intermission of Melodifestivalen

Feb 10, 2012 | Research/Cooperation

At the second competition of Melodifestivalen in Göteborg, on 11 February, the intermission featured electronic music created on a new musical and video instrument developed by Håkan Lidbo, the Quantum White company and Rikard Lindell from Mälardalen University (MDH). The instrument made its first appearance on TV that day.

- The prototype of the instrument, CC-Pad, looks like a big touch screen and can be compared to a digital orchestra that produces both sound and image and where the artists cooperate as conductors. In other words, the instrument is a digital DJ tool, says Rikard Lindell, senior lecturer of computer science at MDH.

Apart from Rikard Lindell, a number of other persons at MDH have been involved in the project. A former student of the computer science programme, Fredrik Jansson, has done the programming and been responsible for the interaction design. The former students from the illustration programme, Oskar Kjelleryd, Haithem Mizban, Petter Wannerberg and Erik Widqvist, have, together with other students, been responsible for the graphic design of the prototype via their company Quantum White.

The techno producer Håkan Lidbo was responsible for the Melodifestivalen intermission, with performances by the dance group Branded, the singer Jessica Folcker and the rap star Cleo.