Research for bug-free systems

Feb 19, 2019 | Research/Cooperation

Many people can doubtless relate to the frustration arising when a system freezes or when a system doesn’t behave the way we want it to, probably owing to a bug in the system. Sara Abbaspour Asadollah has produced a tool which will help us to understand the patterns of bugs, and make it simpler for us to deal with them at an early stage.


Sara Abbaspour Asadollah

- Together with my colleagues I have produced a tool that monitors possible bugs in a system, or when several systems are being run at the same time. With the aid of this tool we can detect and qualify the bugs early on and thus also deal with them at an early stage, says Sara Abbaspour Asadollah who recently defended her doctoral thesis in computer science at MDH. 

Identifying and qualifying the bugs in a system is not a simple task; it requires tools that help us to understand the patterns of bugs so as to be able then to deal with them. Up to now we have had far too little knowledge about bugs that appear when several systems collide with one another, and also about concurrency bugs, as they are known. In her doctoral thesis ”Concurrency Bugs: Characterization, Debugging and Runtime Verification” Sara Abbaspour Asadollah presents the tools that have been produced to monitor possible bugs in a system, or when several systems are being run simultaneously.

- The big challenge has been in detecting concurrency bugs on account of the fact that they are more complex and unpredictable than other bugs. Despite this we have been able to identify three types of parallel bugs and have learnt their patterns, says Sara Abbaspour Asadollah.

Effect of the tool

With the aid of this tool the process will not just be more cost-effective; it will also make it easier to deal with the bugs, which in the end will also benefit the user, who will get a bug-free system. Technical developments in our everyday lives do not only demand that everything should go quickly, but also make greater demands that the products we use maintain the safety requirements.

- In the future I would like to develop my knowledge of concurrency bugs and develop a tool for more systems. For who doesn’t want to be able to use a faultless system?, says Sara Abbaspour Asadollah.