Research school PROGRESS at MDH concluded

Aug 27, 2012 | Research/Cooperation

In June 2012 Mälardalen University’s research school PROGRESS came to a close when the last five doctoral students in the research school presented their theses.

The focus of the research school has been on Embedded Systems, which is Mälardalen University’s cutting-edge research area. Since the autumn of 2011 there has been a new research school in embedded systems at Mälardalen University: ITS EASY.

PROGRESS started in 2006 and has been funded by SSF, the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research. The overriding aim of the research school was to find cost-effective methods for the increasing complexity of software in embedded systems, which leads to increased quality and safer systems. The research projects in PROGRESS have dealt with everything from component-based solutions to safety in the systems. The projects have complemented one another and have provided an array of tools for designing software in embedded systems.

Andreas Hjertström is one of the last five doctoral students. His doctoral thesis, “Data Management in Component-Based Embedded Real-Time Systems” dealt with producing a safe and cost-effective method of development for electronics systems in embedded systems. The cost of electronics accounts for ca. 40 per cent of the development costs of a modern car today. By reducing this cost through streamlining and re-use of the system, the systems of the future will become better and safer.

- My hope in the thesis is that it will be one of the bits of the puzzle for being able to share data in a safe and efficient way in embedded systems, says Andreas Hjertström.

The last four doctoral students in the research school, who all come from different countries, are Séverine Sentilles from France, Aneta Vulgarakis from Macedonia, Yue Lu from China and Hüseyin Ayhan Aysan from Turkey.

Since the autumn of 2011 Mälardalen University has had a new research school in embedded systems: ITS EASY. For more information about this please consult the website for the research school or a news article about it.