Improvement of architecture design leads to safer embedded systems

Jun 17, 2013 | Research/Cooperation

A faulty function in a dependable embedded system, for example as in electronic steering systems for aircraft or a car’s cruise control, can be costly and lead to danger for people and the surroundings. On account of this it is important to guarantee that the embedded system meets all the quality requirements, which can be done by analysis of the system’s architecture.

This is the subject matter of Andreas Johnsen’s licentiate thesis, ”Architecture-based Verification of Dependable Embedded Systems”,  which he presented on 12 June at Mälardalen University in Västerås.

- Quality assurance of dependable embedded systems is a continually growing challenge since developers of such systems are obliged to build increasingly more complex systems within increasingly limited budgets regarding both time and money, says Andreas Johnsen.

An embedded system’s architecture design is an overall theoretical solution to the problems that the proposed system is to resolve. Decisions on architecture design affect the overall features of the system and therefore have a great effect on the development process as well as the fully developed system. Therefore a faulty decision will probably result in a system which will get an unacceptable level of dependability, requiring costly adjustments. On account of this, computerised models of the system are often made in which the architecture is analysed before the real system is built.

- In my licentiate thesis I have developed a technology that can analyse an architecture design automatically. This means that the embedded system will be safer and cheaper to develop, says Andreas Johnsen.

Andreas Johnsen studied the M.Sc. Engineering programme in Robotics at Mälardalen University from 2007 to 2012 and then embarked on a doctoral studentship at the same School. He defended his licentiate thesis on 12 June at Mälardalen University in Västerås, and during 2015 he will present his doctoral thesis. After this the opportunities and choices are numerous.

- Thanks to my research I have got a great interest in flying, and I am a hobby pilot, which has also led to a pilot’s certificate. Therefore it would be very stimulating to be allowed to work with embedded systems at a company such as SAAB, says Andreas Johnsen.