Come with Malin Andersen behind the scenes at Google

Nov 16, 2018 | Student

Out of 2 000 applicants Malin Andersen, one of 40 students from the Nordic countries, was invited to Google’s European headquarters in Dublin to see what one of the world’s largest hi-tech companies looks like from the inside.

Floor 11, overlooking The Docks, or "Silicon Docks”, where Google is building to be able to expand.

Malin Andersen is in the second year of her studies at the Master’s programme in Financial Engineering. She took her Bachelor’s degree in Finance in the USA and combined her studies with division 1 tennis. But last year she moved to Västerås from Gothenburg to read her Master’s at MDH.

– The contents of the programme at MDH are very good; I was happy when I found a Financial Engineering programme here in Sweden, she says.

At the same time she believes that her experience abroad is a good reason why she was selected for Google’s recruitment event.

– It’s nothing they’ve said officially but I can imagine that my studies abroad carried an incredible amount of weight. It’s something I’ve noticed that’s common to all the other selected students.

So the last few days of October Malin Andersen spent behind the scenes at the multinational internet company. It’s a chance for networking and workshops but also a recruitment base for Google, who are expanding greatly and are on the lookout for talented students.

– Despite how much I’ve “heard” about Google before, the corporate culture was what surprised me most. I think it was incredibly exciting that the company is so diversified; at the Dublin office alone the employees speak about 60 different languages. It was fantastic to see the community spirit that Google has succeeded in creating for its employees, she says.

In particular the insight into Google as a company and hearing more about how they work was what Malin Andersen thought was the most exciting thing about the visit, even though the workplace, located in what goes under the name of Silicon Docks and what is supposed to be Ireland’s equivalent to Silicon Valley, attracts enough attention as it is.

– Inside the building there’s everything, from billiard boards, table tennis tables, libraries and a number of restaurants and cafés where the employees can go and get free lunches and refreshments. The classical playful interior decoration permeates the whole building, and even though the main building is Ireland’s tallest and houses around 6 000 people, I got the feeling that the office is just one big family, she says.

Apart from workshops in for example personal branding and moves concerning Google’s various activities, the invited students were also given the opportunity to practise for future employment interviews.

– What I thought was most rewarding was our mock interviews, where we got an insight into how Google thinks when they recruit nooglers (new googlers). We also got very valuable feedback from the recruiting managers on how we answered the interview questions, which was really interesting and educational, says Malin Andersen.