More applicants pick Mälardalen University as their first choice

Oct 18, 2013 | Education

The application statistics for the spring term of 2014 have now been completed. The rate of applications is still high and more applicants pick Mälardalen University (MDH) as their first choice.

The total number of applicants for MDH courses and programmes is 14 647, which is an increase compared to the autumn term of 2013, when the number of applicants was 14 619. MDH has received a greater number or primary applications than before; 1387 individuals have applied to programmes as their first choice compared to 1350 in the spring of 2013. MDH also has a greater total number of applicants to the first-cycle programmes.

- The rate of applications to higher education institutions all around Sweden remains high. MDH helps contribute to this trend. It is particularly pleasing that more applicants pick MDH as their first choice, says Karin Röding, Vice-Chancellor of MDH.

The programme of study that has received the greatest number of primary applications is the Primary school teacher’s distance programme in Västerås. The Midwifery Programme also received an increased number of primary applications compared to last spring.

The most popular course at MDH is To Develop Organisations and Leadership. Other popular courses are Introduction to Financial Accounting and Physical Activity and Health. received a total of 218 862 applications to the programmes and courses that will be offered in the spring. Compared to the spring term of 2013, this represents a national increase of 9810 applications or 4.7 percent.

- The high rate of applications may partly be an effect of the fact that this was the last time that students with old secondary school grades will not have to compete with applicants with the new secondary school degree. Applicants with old secondary school grades may expect the competition to increase when those who have a new secondary school degree are placed in an admissions category of their own, says Tuula Kuosmanen, The Swedish Council for Higher Education.