More applicants to the English taught programmes at MDH

Feb 22, 2019 | Education

The number of applicants in the international application rounds increases. The programmes on basic level display the biggest increase, 29 percent compared to last year, but there is also an increase on advanced level. This can be seen in the latest application statistics that was recently published.

The number of applicants to the two English taught Bachelor’s programmes, Analytical Finance and International Business Management, has gone up the most with in total 29 percent more applicants compared to last year. The programme with the biggest increase is the Bachelor’s in International Business Management with 43 percent more applicants this year. Additionally, 29 percent more of the applicants required to pay tuition fee completed their application by, among other things, paying their application fee, which is necessary for a further processing of the application.


New Master’s programme has the highest number of applicants

On Master’s level the increase in the total number of applicants is 6 percent. This when compared to 2017 when the programme curriculum was similar to this year’s except for two new programmes at the School of Health, Care and Social Welfare. Noticeable is that one of these new programmes, the Master’s in Public Health Science within Health and Welfare, displays the largest number of applicants, 399.

Of the applicants required to pay tuition fee as much as 58 percent more have paid their application fee and can be processed and assessed.
We have intensified our communication with the applicants in order to encourage more of them to complete their application. It’s nice to see that it may have played a role, says Johanna Forsström, Project Manager International Student Recruitment.

All programmes are still open for late applications on


For more information, please contact Johanna Forsström , Project Manager International Student Recruitment.