Degree-awarding powers at third-cycle level get the go-ahead

Dec 15, 2010 | Research/Cooperation

As part of the Government’s investment in enhanced quality assurance in Sweden’s research programmes, higher education institutions have had to notify the Swedish National Agency for Higher Education about which specific subject areas research programmes are being conducted in and are awarding degrees for.

Mälardalen University, which has had general degree-awarding powers at third-cycle level in technology and the natural sciences since 2001, has now been informed that it has the right to award degrees at third-cycle level within all of the subject areas applied for.

- It’s very positive getting this confirmation. That the University has its own degree-awarding powers for researchers in important areas allows us to build up strong research environments that can collaborate with companies and produce significant knowledge. It’s also important to get more expert people to remain in the region, says the University Vice-Chancellor Ingegerd Palmér.