Elena Lisova is researching for a more secure data communication

Apr 16, 2018 | Research/Cooperation

Computer systems that are connected and communicate with each other become more and more common. Elena Lisova has researched how the security of these systems can be improved to resist external threats.


Elena Lisova.

- My research focuses on security in data communication and particularly on clock synchronization. If there is a system with real-time requirements, its components may need to be synchronized to each other, such that the notion of time within the system is the same. I have looked at how clock synchronization in such systems can be more secure when exposed to external attacks, such as when someone hacks the system, says doctoral student Elena Lisova, who is going to defend her doctoral thesis in Computer Science.

After taking a master's degree in Radio Engineering at Saint-Petersburg Polytechnic University, she started as a doctoral student at MDH in 2014. In her doctoral thesis "Monitoring for Securing Clock Synchronization," she presents a method of designing a monitor to detect timely if something is wrong with the clock synchronization in the computer network. By using such a monitor, attacks on clock synchronization can be timely detected and their consequences prevented or mitigated.

- By improving the security of communication, the products we use in everyday life, such as cars, will be more secure and we can reduce the risk of these products to be hacked and stop working, says Elena Lisova.

On April 16 at 13:15, in room Gamma, at MDH in Västerås, Elena Lisova defends her doctoral dissertation.

- After that, the plan is to continue my research within the communication security area, she says.