Campus Telge’s newly- graduated teachers’ competence in demand

Jan 19, 2012 | Student

In January, 16 teacher students graduated at Campus Telge. The demand for their competence was very great and the preschools in Södertälje were quick in offering employment.

Kamran Namdar has been working with the programme in Södertälje since the start and tells us that it was a very special situation at the beginning. Many things had to be developed step by step and the programme resembled a journey of discovery for both teachers and students.
- It worked extremely well; the students were very positive and flexible and made the journey into a very developing and rewarding experience. Among other things everybody agreed to do their degree project in the form of action research, says Kamran.
In action research one is involved in the research, as opposed to ordinary research which one observes from the outside. In this case it meant that the students took aspects of their everyday work and developed it together with the children at preschool and the pupils at school. They analysed the situation, came up with ideas, made their changes and evaluated the results. By this means they arrived at development and research which is of value to a preschool or school. Kamran is convinced that they will also benefit by this competence during their employment and that it was one of the reasons why they became so much in demand on the labour market. Representatives from the school authorities in the municipality were present when the students presented their degree projects.
- It was pioneering development work, Kamran tells us; very few students had chosen to do this type of degree project before and now all sixteen chose to do it!
Another thing which makes these students easy to employ is the design of the programme, with a specialisation from preschool up to grade 5, which means that they can work both in preschool and at school.
The first students at Campus Telge started as a small group of their own at Campus, but they were very active in the Student Union and in other activities and quickly created a feeling of belonging at Campus. After the first cohort an additional three cohorts have started.
- I believe there will be a big demand for future cohorts too. There are a lot of retirements now and there’s an enormous demand in preschools over the whole country. This of course also applies to students from the new preschool teacher programme, who will also get a very good education, says Kamran.