Automatisation in software production can make everyday life more secure

Oct 13, 2017 | Research/Cooperation

All products that contain some type of embedded system, i.e. a computer, needs software to steer it. MDH researcher Federico Ciccozzi is researching into new methods that improve and simplify the development process when producing software. The aim is to save both time and money for the companies at the same time as the product becomes better and more secure.


- The main aim of my research is to simplify the development process of software. If I succeed with this the companies can save time and money since they can then skip one step in the process that is both demanding and expensive, says Federico Ciccozzi, who is researching into model-based development in embedded systems at MDH.  

In 2008 Federico Ciccozzi came to MDH as a second-year Master’s student in the GSEEM programme (Global Software Engineering European Master) from the university in L’Aquila, Italy. After taking a double Master’s degree, partly in Computer Science in L’Aquila, and partly in Software Engineering at MDH, he began to research as a doctoral student in Software Engineering at MDH. Since then he has been focusing on development processes for software. Normally when a product, for example a mobile phone, is produced, one starts out from a specification requiring what software controlling the functions of the mobile phone is supposed to do. Based on this specification, the engineers build up a so-called design of the software that is then passed on to the developers who are to programme the software itself. In the programming process the developers have to interpret the structure of the design by themselves, which often leads to mistakes. These misinterpretations in turn require the software to be tested and reprogrammed several times before it can go further in the development process.

- I am researching in order to produce methods and tools which, based on the design, can automatically produce the software. If the software is produced automatically we avoid programming errors and the number of tests decreases. In this way the developers can focus on other things, for example producing models for other parts in the software development process or for improvements of the product, says Federico Ciccozzi.

Apart from saving time and money for the companies, Federico Ciccozzi’s research can affect both individual people and society at large.

- Embedded systems are everywhere around us, for example in mobile phones, cars, infrastructure and healthcare equipment such as pacemakers. The time and money that the companies can save on the software development process can instead be put into other improvements of a product. By improving and ensuring that for example a car’s embedded systems are safer and more efficient, life will be more secure and simpler for people. The same thing applies to all products that have embedded systems, says Federico Ciccozzi.