U.S. Ambassador visited Mälardalen University

Dec 06, 2010 | Research/Cooperation

The U.S. Ambassador in Stockholm, Matthew Barzun, came to Mälardalen University last week to be inspired and make new contacts.

- Matthew Barzun made contact with us because he is interested in innovation and curious about how we work with our students and companies in the surrounding world, says Magnus Wiktorsson, senior lecturer in product and process development at Mälardalen University.

The U.S. Ambassador Matthew Barzun is currently out on a road show throughout Sweden, where he is aiming to find new venues and is open for collaborations between the U.S. and Sweden. At Mälardalen University he, among other things, went on a tour at the Center for Product Realization in Eskilstuna. Here he met with scientists and students from the Innovation Programme, and there were many interesting and common issues to discuss.

- We will keep in touch going forward. The ambassador's visit opened up several new channels of contact and possible collaborations, says Magnus Wiktorsson.