All the way from Hongkong to MDH

Aug 22, 2017 | Student On campus

The international students at MDH come from literally all over the world, both to do one or two semesters as exchange students or to study an entire programme. Meet Chan from Hongkong as we asked him some quick questions.


Q: Hi there! Who are you and where are you from?
A: My name is Chan Kwok Ming (Tommy) and I'm from Hongkong.

Q: How come you chose to study at MDH?
A: Well, I wanted to try the European lifestyle, and especially the Nordic one. This is my first time in Europe! I also heard that here in Sweden young people have the chance to develop their abilities, something I think sounds great.

Q: What will you be studying here at MDH?
A: I'll be studying engineering courses, my major at my home university is Building Service. The course I look forward to the most here at MDH is one in Sustainable Energy Systems, as I hope that one will provide inspiration for my final year project.

Q: Is there something that you really wish to do or see while here in Sweden?
A: I'd love to experience snow and to see the Northern lights!

Welcome to MDH Chan, and of course all other students, both new and current, national and international, too!