News about the new campus in Eskilstuna

May 22, 2013 | On campus

The planning for a new campus in Eskilstuna is in full swing together with the Municipality of Eskilstuna. During the spring an anthropologist have been hired and during the autumn the University will organise an arhitectural competition.

Katarina Rosenlind, Building Planner and Architect at MDH, tells us how far the work has progressed:
- We have hired an anthropologist who, by doing interviews and workshops, will find out what makes a university attractive from a building point of view and from the perspective of physical design. This work will be finished before the end of the semester.

During the autumn the University will organise an architectural competition for the design of the buildings, and the competition will take place in two stages.- First of all there will be a preliminary qualifying round in which interested architects’ firms register their interest and present their knowledge within the field. After this four to five firms will be selected, and these will then produce their actual design proposals. The competition entries will be judged by a jury consisting of representatives from MDH, the Municipality of Eskilstuna and the Swedish Association of Architects, Katarina Rosenlind continues.

The winning entry will be used for the subsequent planning and building.