AI can provide healthier life and safer transport

Nov 22, 2018 | Research/Cooperation Global

Mobyen Uddin Ahmed researches on how Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) can be used to detect and prevent health problems and safety risks in traffic. On November 22, he holds his docent lecture titled "Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Reasoning in Data Science".


Mobyen Uddin Ahmed.

– The purpose of my research is to develop intelligent computer systems that collect data, analyze it and give the user feedback. My research is about how to use AI, ML and reasoning to develop applications in both healthcare and industry, which can provide healthier lives and safer traffic, says Mobyen Uddin Ahmed, senior lecturer in AI and computer science, at MDH.

In the field of healthcare, Mobyen Uddin Ahmed is involved in several research projects that develops methods and algorithms to detect and prevent early symptoms and alert the user. 

– My colleagues and I are developing an intelligent system that can analyze bio-metric and physiological data on the user's weight, blood pressure and daily activities, and give the user feedback on what the user should change to get a healthier life, says Mobyen Uddin Ahmed.

The technology should also be able to detect early symptoms and alert the user if he/she should visit a doctor. 

– By using such an application, the user can become more aware of his/her state of health, detect early symptoms, prevent illnesses and in the long run, live longer, says Mobyen Uddin Ahmed.

 Increased road safety

Another research area, that Mobyen Uddin Ahmed is involved in, focuses on developing realistic human behavioral models based on Simulation, AI, Virtual Reality and Data Science methodologies. 

– By using this technology we can analyze data, based on physiological parameters, such as brain and heart activity, and contextual information, such as sleep duration, activity intensity and weather. Based on that analysis, the system can alert the user about risky behavior of other drivers, cyclists and pedestrians. Thus, the road safety can be increased by knowing how different road users react in different situations, says Mobyen Uddin Ahmed. 

On November 22, at 13:00, Mobyen Uddin Ahmed will hold his docent lecture in room Kappa, MDH Västerås. The lecture will focus on how AI and ML can be used to analyze data and extract information to make intelligent solutions and systems. He will also discuss the challenges within in this research field.