300 computer scientists meet in Västerås

Jun 26, 2014 | Research/Cooperation

On Monday, Mälardalen University (MDH) will host the international conference COMPSAC 2014 in Västerås. 300 delegates from all over the globe are expected to attend this world-leading conference on computers, software and technology.

COMPSAC, the Computer Software and Applications Conference, is one of the biggest international forums for higher education, industry and decision makers. The conference is organized by IEEE, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, which is the world’s biggest trade organization for the promotion of technology. At the conference, research findings will be discussed, as well as developments and trends regarding computers, software, technology and applications. In these areas, MDH has a leading role in Sweden and is one of the most prominent actors in the world when it comes to research on embedded computer systems. With embedded systems, MDH is developing, for example, artificial intelligence in robots that can be used for avoiding dangers at construction sites, and it facilitates the development of new, advanced applications in cars, so that the automobile industry can produce better vehicles and lower its production costs at the same time.

– Organizing this big and important conference is an opportunity for MDH to enhance our research and education through a transfer of knowledge and new research visions between leading researchers and practitioners from the whole world. It is also an ideal way of increasing international awareness of MDH, says Cristina Seceleanu, project manager for COMPSAC 2014 and docent in computer science at MDH.

The conference, which is an annual event, is the 38th of its kind. Previously, it has been hosted in cities such as Kyoto, Munich and Seattle, but now, on 21-25 July 2014, it is Västerås’ turn. The location will be the Aros Congress Center.

– International conferences are of great value to Västerås, and it is really great that MDH has chosen to host COMPSAC 2014. During the conference, we will have the opportunity to present Västerås and Västmanland to the international delegates, who would probably never have visited our region if it hadn’t been for the conference. From a tourism-economic point of view, arranging international conferences has a very positive impact: it is estimated that a conference of this size has a turnover of about 5 million kronor during its four days in Västerås, according to Catarina Söderholm, project manager at the Västerås Convention Bureau.