15 million SEK for basic research at MDH

Nov 14, 2012 | Research/Cooperation

The Swedish Research Council has granted Mälardalen University (MDH) circa 15 million SEK for four research projects: two in Embedded Systems, one in Educational Science and one in Comparative Literature.

Helping, Modelling of Heterogeneous Platforms of Embedded Systems is a project dealing with improving performance in embedded systems and making them faster and more efficient with less use of energy. The three-year project has been allocated 2.5 million SEK and will begin in January 2013.

SynthSoft, Synthesis of Predictable Software, for Distributed Embedded Systems, is a four-year project that has been allocated 3.5 million SEK and will also start in January 2013. The purpose of the project is to avoid sudden and unpredictable delays in embedded systems by first building a model of the embedded system before the system’s software is constructed.

The extrovert ego: body, place and perception in autobiographical presentation, is a three-year research project in Comparative Literature. The project has been allocated 3.5 million SEK and will create a better understanding for the autobiography genre in literature and thus increase involvement for the world at large.

A research project in Educational Science has also received money: 5.6 million SEK for three years. The project deals with how children with developmental disabilities learn things in the transition between preschool and special school, and how cooperation between preschool, special school and the home works. In the long term the project will produce important knowledge of how transitions between preschool and special school work over time and how educational activities deal with this.