Watch your stuff – thefts are occurring

Feb 02, 2018 | Student On campus

Multiple thefts and stealing attempts have occurred on campus Västerås lately. Keep in mind to not leave any valuables unattended. Not even for a moment or if being approached by people you don’t know.

The university premises are available to the public when the entrances are unlocked, so keep your belongings under close watch when being approached by someone you don’t already know. Several of the thefts were detected after the victim had been talking to one or more unknown people.

When the university doors are locked only authorized people are allowed to be here. This is why it’s important never to let individuals without an entry card in. Authorized people have entry cards valid for the premises they are authorized for.

As a safety precaution extra security guards are available in both campuses during daytime. They will be informing and reminding students and employees not to leave valuables unattended.