Välkommen till Koteshwar Chirumallas docentföreläsning

Föreläsningar och seminarier

Datum: 2019-08-19
Tid: 10.15 - 12.00
Plats: sal Filen, Smedjegatan 37, MDH Eskilstuna

Koteshwar Chirumalla är universitetslektor vid akademin för innovation, design och teknik. Den 19 augusti håller han sin docentföreläsning i sal Filen, MDH i Eskilstuna.

Titel: "A Knowledge-driven product and production development for manufacturing competitiveness".
Engelsk sammanfattning:
In today’s complex business environment, the ability to learn faster and make continuous changes
has become a key organizational capability for companies in dealing with complex issues. Although literature has reported many approaches, systematic management of knowledge and learning is still a frequent concern in many industrial contexts. Therefore, my research contributes to the situation where knowledge is pro-actively planned, captured, organized and managed as a critical resource to be available in a right time with a right quality to use it in decision making. With this holistic approach, I would like to support companies in making informed decisions in product and production development, preventing making decisions based on wrong/lack of knowledge or wrong assumptions, and improving the certainty with which one do the development work. This approach is viewed as Knowledge-driven product and production development, where knowledge is considered a valuable resource and systematically acquired and used continually throughout the development process for guiding the development work through making better decisions. The lecture explains some of the work I have done so far and shows my future aspirations.