Enchanced European Innovation Council (EIC) Pathfinder pilot

Lectures and seminars

Datum: 2019-10-25
Tid: 09.30 - 11.00
Plats: MDH Västerås, room Ypsilon

The division of Research Support invites you to a seminar.

The EIC Pathfinder Pilot comprises FET-Open and FET-Proactive and offers grants of up to 4 million Euro to promote collaborative, inter-disciplinary research and innovation on science-inspired and radically new future technologies.

Dr. Johan Lindberg, Vinnova, Dr. Sverker Lundin, Vetenskapsrådet, National contacts for the FET-program.

The NCP:s will cover the practical elements of the EIC Pathfinder program FET Open and FET Proactive and its relation to the next research and innovation frame work program Horizon Europe, as well as tips on partner search.

Prof. Thomas Nolte, IDT/MDH, shares his experience as FET-open applicant.

Dr. Elaine Åstrand, IDT/MDH, shares her thoughts on evaluating ongoing FET-open projects.