Ekokritiskt forum

Föreläsningar och seminarier

Datum: 2018-10-12
Tid: 13.15 - 14.45
Plats: H553, MDH Eskilstuna

Serpil Oppermann,, Linköpings universitet
"Storied Seas and Living Metaphors in the Blue Humanities"

This presentation investigates the terraqueous entanglements of human and marine life in material and discursive contexts through an aquatic practice of material ecocritical theory.  Attending to stories inbuilt in the seawater, material ecocriticism encourages us to think the motifs, themes, concepts and concerns of the Blue Humanities and the discoveries of marine sciences through one another. In this context, two interlinked questions surface: 1. How do we theorize the seascapes whose materiality is hydrous without obfuscating its reality in figurative conceptualizing? 2. If our knowledge of the sea depends on how it is represented, put into discourse, and interpreted, will the sea’s biogeophysical existence cease to exist? The answer is no, because its meanings always remain in the interstice between the discursive and the real.  The experience of the sea gains meaning only in their corollary dynamics.