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Seminarieserien Industry 4.0

Välkommen till online-seminarieserien Industry 4.0.

Industry 4.0 eller fjärde industriella revolutionen är en samlande term för en rad teknologier och koncept inom automation, processindustriell it och tillverkningsteknologier.

I denna seminarieserie får vi en orientering i industri 4.0:s beståndsdelar. Alla delar är helt digitala och är på engelska. Du kan anmäla dig till alla tillfällen på en gång, eller ett specifikt seminarie. Du kan även ta del av videopresentationer från tidigare seminarier.

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May 7, 2021: Supporting implementation of Robots in collaborative application
Teacher: Staffan Andersson
This seminar will address the challenges and success factors when implementing robots in collaborative applications into assembly operations.
We will focus on companies' collaborative application journey by looking into their challenges and successes.
We will dive into the implementation phase and discuss what to do and what to avoid.

April 16, 2021 (postponed from March 26): How to increase performance by focusing on the utilization of shared demand-related information
Teacher: Paulina Myrelid
In many industries, companies share large amounts of information with their suppliers. In this seminar, we will discuss what happens with the shared information after it reaches the suppliers.
Results from a survey will be presented, showing how and why suppliers in the automotive industry utilize shared information as they do, as well as how it affects their performance.
We will discuss why this insight is important, both for buyers and suppliers, also in other industries.

19 feb, 2021: A strategic view on the development and use of automation
Teacher: Anna Granlund
This seminar addresses things to consider when developing and using automation in a production environment. During the seminar we will specifically look into important steps and aspects to focus on during the automation development process. We will also highlight the need for and discuss possible content of an automation strategy.

22 jan, 2021: (Back to) The Future with Digital Twins and Low Code Development.
Teacher: Alessio Bucaioni
In this seminar, we discuss the new paradigms of Digital Twins and Low Code Development. In particular, we look at the foundational concepts supporting both paradigms and reason on the potential impact these paradigms can have on Industry 4.0. Eventually, we survey some ongoing research projects at MDH and discuss possible ones related to Digital Twins and Low Code Development.

4 dec, 2020:
Introducing Augmented Reality into Industry 4.0 Environments:
Approaches, Benefits, and Obstacles

Teacher: Leo Hatvani
Content: In this seminar we will discuss the methods for deploying augmented reality into industry 4.0 environments, the value it brings and the obstacles that should be considered in the process. We will focus on the upgrading of production processes, lean and agile production practices, and safety concerns.

27 nov, 2020: A pragmatic and democratic way to utilize IoT in production
Teacher: Yuji Yamamoto
In this seminar, a Vinnova funded research project called “Karakuri IoT” will be presented and discussed. Karakuri IoT is a methodology that empowers non-experts of IoT to design, create, and implement simple IoT-aided solutions at shop floors through iterative experimentation and learning. Participants will experience a part of the methodology during the seminar.

23 okt, 2020: Robots in collaborative applications
Teacher: Mikael Hedelind
Content: A new paradigm of so-called collaborative robots (sometimes referred to as cobots) are currently being developed and utilised within manufacturing industries. This seminar will address this development and discuss the nature of robots used together with humans in collaborative tasks, and how this can be of use to manufacturing industries.

11 sep, 2020: Industrialization: multiple perspectives and the role of digitalization
Teacher: Koteshwar Chirumalla
Content: The compressing time schedules and development costs are forcing companies to improve the performance of industrialization of new product and production technologies. In this seminar, we will discuss the multiple perspectives of industrialization from management of project, product, production and knowledge.
The seminar will also address the potential opportunities with digitalization and Industry 4.0 technologies and presents recent study results on “Digitally-enabled process innovation”.

28 aug, 2020: Optimization of Production Systems
Teachers: Konstantinos Kyprianidis, Stavros Vouros och Yuanye Zhou
Content:Advance your skills in simulation and optimization through this seminar. In the seminar, you will explore the intricacies of optimization problems and applied on production systems. You will also gain a practical insight through demonstration of state-of-the-art optimization software on a “real-world” production line case. At the end of the seminar you will be confident to step into the world of optimization for your own production systems.

21 aug, 2020: Additive Manufacturing – The MDH way
Teacher: Christopher Gustafsson
Content: This seminar will present an introduction to the emerging technology called Additive Manufacturing (AM), also known as 3D printing, which is a key aspect in Industry 4.0. Production systems, supply chains, business models, and many more aspects are being transformed and reimagined due to the potential that AM possess. The seminar will also present some AM related activities/projects at Mälardalen university as well as exploring the current challenges, limitations and opportunities with AM from different research perspectives. 

14 aug, 2020: The value of maintenance
Teacher: Antti Salonen
Content: There is this famous quote of a manager at one of Sweden’s most high-profile companies: “Why do our maintenance cost so much even though our machines never fail?” Economists tend to view maintenance as a troublesome expense, while maintenance managers argue that maintenance is a profit center. In this seminar we discuss the value of maintenance and to which extent maintenance adds value.

3 jul, 2020: Simulation for evaluation and improvement of production systems
Teacher: Ioanna Aslanidou
Content: The seminar will discuss the use of simulation as a tool for process improvement. It will cover key concepts such as model validation and the determination of the tests that need to be conducted in order to maximize the information obtained from the simulation model. Special focus will be given on the knowledge required to build and validate a model, through simple practical examples.

26 jun, 2020: AR and VR for Industry 4.0: From Development to Maintenance
Teacher: Leo Hatvani
Content: Extended reality technologies such as augmented or virtual reality have become mature enough to be integrated into the product lifecycle, from product conceptualization, through design and production until marketing and sales. In this seminar, we will introduce the most common forms of these technologies, how they integrate with the product lifecycle, and what are some of the potential future developments in these technologies.

12 jun, 2020: Introduction to industrial cybersecurity
Teacher: Francesco Flammini
Content: This seminar addresses the fundamental concepts of cybersecurity providing basic definitions and a taxonomic introduction to most common security threats and technologies. In particular, the concepts of data availability, integrity and confidentiality will be introduced with pointers to information systems certification standards and regulations in the context of cyber-physical systems and connected industry. The seminar provides a brief overview of cybersecurity-related topics such as dependable computing, threat classification, redundancy and fault-tolerance, physical security monitoring, data encryption, user identification, risk and vulnerability assessment, intrusion detection and penetration testing.

29 maj, 2020: Artificial Intelligence — A driving force in Industrial 4.0
Teacher: Shaibal Barua
Content: The fourth Industrial revolution is described through many technological advancements such as IoT, sensors, cyber-physical systems, human-machine interaction, etc. to name a few. Recent years these technologies have emerged by incorporating Artificial Intelligence (AI), and a paradigm shift has become visible, not only in the industrial sector but also in our daily life and many business areas. This seminar will provide a background on AI and machine learning for the general audience.  The current trends in AI and machine learning will be discussed with some use cases. Last but not least challenges and future opportunity in industry 4.0 will be mentioned.

15 maj, 2020: Industrial Internet of Things and the Opportunities in Manufacturing
Teacher: Mohammad Ashjaei 
Content: I seminariet presenteras bland annat en definition av konceptet ”Industrial internet of Things” (IioT). Vi får även höra hur IioT bidrar till att stärka produktionsområdet och tillverkningsindustrin, samt ta del av ett par goda exempel.

8 maj, 2020: Introduction Industry 4.0
Teacher: Mats Ahlskog
Content: This seminar introduces you to Industry 4.0. Join this two hour seminar to gain a better understanding of the concepts and industrial applications of the digital technologies related to Industry 4.0.  

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