“MDH will always be a great place to come back to”

Portrait of Vasja Çollaku.

Vasja Çollaku.

Vasja Çollaku has been studying the master's programme in Software Engineering. 60 credits, and awarded the Global Swede 2018. After a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science in Albania, she chose to continue her studies at MDH - a choice she did not regret.

− I think it is one of the best choices of my life! The courses are well-planned and offer you the possibility to put in use the acquired knowledge in real life situations. The school facilitates the learning process and student life by providing comfortable areas of studies, easy access to computers and online resources necessary in the studies and support in every course, says Vasja Çollaku.

Before the exchange year at MDH, Vasja Çollaku studied Computer Science at the Polytechnic University of Tirana, in Albania. After completing her degree, she wanted to continue her studies and then chose between continuing her studies in Albania or to study one year at MDH.

− MDH offered an English-taught Master program within my field of studies, which I saw as a challenge. I also did some research on the university that showed that most graduates also managed to get a job, which convinced me to choose MDH, says Vasja Çollaku.

Constant contact with industry

In the master's program in Software Engineering, students have constant contact with industry, partly through guest lecturers and partly through project collaborations. For Vasja Çollaku's part, the most interesting courses are the ones that offer a real opportunity in collaborating with companies.

− In the course Software Engineering 2, the whole course was in fact a collaboration that my team had with the vehicle-manufacturing company Volvo CE, which was a client to our product. This was an exceptional experience because we learned on first hand basis how the industry works and how conducting a real project was like, says Vasja Çollaku.

Global Swede 2018

In May 2018 she was appointed MDH's Global Swede 2018, which means that Vasja Çollaku will act as ambassador for Sweden, MDH and higher education, both in Albania and in other countries.

− It is a strong feeling when the university appreciates and recognizes the academical, entrepreneurship and innovative efforts you put throughout the whole year. For me, it strengthened the connection between the students and the university as it showed that nothing goes unnoticed and nothing is done in vain by the students. I think this shows how close MDH is to the students, says Vasja Çollaku.

What will happen after the studies, Vasja Çollaku has not decided yet, but she feels well prepared for the job market within Software Engineering.

− I feel that a career in industry would be a good start. However, I wish I do not lose touch with academia and hope to come back as a guest lecturer or maybe even a PhD student. MDH will always be a great place to come back to!, says Vasja Çollaku.

Software Engineering - 1 year

The need for highly educated experts in software engineering is constantly increasing, both nationally and internationally. In this programme you will learn how to develop and maintain high-quality software systems, which is invaluable for future programmers, project managers and technical specialists.

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